"passage of time, the infinite circle"

solo show


The view of the curator....

"The works included here are made specifically from feminine garments, and can speak to various facets of womanhood. By running the clothing through an etching press, Joelle is able to achieve a detailed graphic quality that ranges from very clean to very gritty. This aesthetic, the poster scale and composition, and the careful inclusion of the collected clothing labels, together evoke the language of advertising. Joelle has embraced this humorously, poking fun at the fashion and advertising industries, while celebrating the more ‘physical’ reality of her subjects.

Humor aside, I believe that there is also a scientific quality inherent to the monoprinting process that Joelle employs, and in her practice of collecting and processing these used samples of clothing items. Each new print is an experiment; each building upon the last, exploring new possibilities in the hope of new revelations. The wall of pantyhose is akin to a wall of slides, an idea reinforced by the colors and transparency of the inks, and the fine textural detail that is highlighted by the printing process. The focus on panythose is taxonomic, and the resulting collage feels simultaneously informative and encoded with deeper patterns."



Femme, A Celebration to Woman

group show

Participating Artists
Maria Armendariz    John Bernhard    Veronique Chapuy   Kirk Clark  Keith Cottingham   Aziz & Cucher  
Sylvie Deluseau     Janavi Folmsbee  Romain Froquet    Rachel Gardner   Rigoberto Gonzales    
Yolanda Gutiérrez    Pep Guerrero    C. Ellen Hart    Sabine Juery Marie Lacroix    Jane Liang    
Carmen Mariscal    Ariel Masson    Karen Navarro    Marina Núñez    Alícia Paz    Page Piland    
Susan Plum  Lenore Prudhomme    Víctor Rodríguez    Cindy Sherman    Sandy Skoglund    
Alfredo De Stefano   Joëlle Verstraeten   Lou Vest   Vohagny  Geraldina Interiano Wise
This exhibit was part of the French Cultures Festival



International Print Exchange & Exhibition

PrintMatters + La Estampa


The Americas: Our Stories


Imagine Peace, intaglio print 9"x12"
Imagine Peace, intaglio print 9"x12"



Edition of 35 prints for this exchange with a group of 15 artists from Columbia.