I participated to this Juried printmaking show at the Frisco Art Gallery, Dallas area, with 4 monoprints.

At the award ceremony, I received an Honorable mention by the juror Lari R.Gibbons, for the print entitled "3flat cans".
Frisco Discovery Center, TX


Jatad Gallery, Houston

 My first solo show in Houston presented a series of monoprints of music records with collage of hand made paper.


Street organ!

Does this taste like “la madeleine” of Proust? The aesthetic of the perforated paper is an invitation I could not resist. After having used LP’s and etched CD’s in my printmaking process, I directly connected with the languages of the fragile red paper that is introduced in the popular barrel organ.
Like a hidden message, my compositions try to reveal the rhythm of the perforations. Each small dot is not randomly punched, it is aligned or shifted to participate to the whole opera. The bright Carmin color of the paper encourages me to narrow the spectrum of the many colors I like, and use the fundamental print making language of black ink on white paper.
Cutting, folding, layering, printing, gluing,..., all those processes participate to the dense, dramatic and minimalist prints of this series.
For the installation in the WWA gallery, the prints are carefully hung on the wall as to continue the creative work of the French composer. Each piece suddenly participates to the melody of the tragic opera “Mireille” written by Gounod in 1864.