I practice mainly painting and monoprint. Playing with the dualities or complementarities of these techniques stimulates my research and my freedom. Thus I question traditional techniques of engraving and painting such as flatting a bike in the street with a steamroller to print it on paper or crushing ink on paper with a truck.

         In monoprint, I often use both sides of the paper, I print on top of other prints, I apply found materials such as garment, lace, metal or leaves… The possibilities to create texture, transparency and depth are infinite. It is a spontaneous work that allows me to explore the world of pop-art and to question the challenges of our modern society, in particular consumerism, feminism, the mundane, the exclusion. They are an X-ray of our society. On a personal level of interpretation, they represent memories that are at the foundation of our identity. A cotton dress belonging to a handmade trousseau, a LP record bring us back to the past; they become a visual testimony of our self and question the meaning of our life.

          I also incorporate found objects in my paintings to create a contrast of surface, form and texture. It is unlikely I have invented anything new, but I learn by doing with this exciting feeling of being at the edge of a welcoming world to explore. In my journey, the path I follow drives me more than arriving at a destination. Along the way, I try to create a unique universe where I invite the viewer to emerge himself.
         As a painter and printmaker, I create works that carry a badge of liberty, but the formality of the presentation is always an omnipresent constraint. I cannot escape this sense of linear structure and discipline in the final composition/installation of my work. In the end, however, it is the simple aesthetic of the chosen hues, the skillful use of the printing press and the seam lines that I sew on to the paper that complete my tailored artworks.
        Since 1984 when I was practicing Law in Brussels as a lawyer and mediator, my interest in art grew and contributed to a continuous personal metamorphosis. In 2009, when my family moved to Houston, I decided to focus my energy on my artistic skills and to follow classes in printmaking at the Glassell School of Art, MFAH. In 2020, my life enters into a new transition. After so many years abroad, I'm glad to live in Brussels again, my hometown where my artistic path gets a fresh development.

         I exhibit my work in galleries, art fairs, solo or group shows nationally and internationally. Most of all, I enjoy experimental collaborations with other artists such as Laundry with JeanF Jans (2013 and 2014), Bach à 4 mains with Italian/French composer, Tiziana De Carolis (2015), How would you like to be remembered with the writer and stage director, Clara Ploux (2016), Dry feet, a night for relief, an installation and video projection with Pablo Gimenez Zapiola (2017),  L’enclos, cet horizon qui nous poursuit, a participating art residency with 9 other visual artists in Belgium (2018) and most recently Histoire de la Russie, a 3 dimensional exhibition that brought together photography, text and ephemeral paper sculptures (2023).