Painting and monotypes

Canvas and paper

Plaster and ink


Playing with the dualities or complementarities of these techniques stimulates my research and my freedom to act spontaneously.


My monotypes are the outcome of my exploration of the found object . I use it as printing material to reveal on paper its texture and hidden beauty. Indeed, when I print, I like to show what is not immediately revealed to the eyes of the viewer: the grooves of the LP, the design of a flat aluminum can, the texture of a lace.

In painting, I often mix mediums when I’m not suppose to (pigments, acrylic, eggs, plaster, oil...).   I like to introduce discarded elements such as metal and wood pieces and escape from the rectangle shape of the canvas.


Although the subject of my work is serious because it questions some challenges of our society, in particular consumerism, recycling, social hierarchy, the mundane, the prints create a visual poetry and humor away from the stereotypes. They are an X-ray of our society.


As a painter and printmaker, I strive to create art that evokes the figure of artistic freedom. By superposing layers of ink/paint, by cutting, folding and sewing, I expose the artistic process by which I balance form and content. The formality of the presentation is also an omnipresent constraint. I cannot escape this sense of linear structure and discipline in the final composition or installation of my work. In the end, however, it is the simple aesthetic of the chosen hues, the skillful use of the printing press and the seam lines that I sew on to the paper that complete my tailored art works.


Since 1984 when I was practicing Law in Brussels, my artistic journey grew and contribute to a continuous personnel metamorphosis. Based in Houston since 2009, I exhibit my work in solo or group shows in the US and abroad. Most of all, I enjoy experimental collaborations with other artists, such as Laundry with JeanF Jans,  Bach à 4 mains with French-Italian composer Tiziana De Carolis, and most recently How would you like to be remembered with the Houston-based stage director and writer Clara Ploux .